International projects

International projects

Developments of collaborations and unique local partnerships

With 40 years of experience of international projects in the nuclear field, Baumert has developed unique know-how in order to avail its customers of its expertise worldwide. Our flexibility when it comes to the development of partnerships enables us to quickly implement local strategies perfectly adapted to the project requirements, ranging from subcontracting to the localisation of production, if necessary.
Projets internationaux de Baumert : développement de partenariats, sous-traitance locale et localisation de la production

United States Focus: AW20 Vogel 3 and 4

Baumert has supported a main contractor as subcontractor for the implementation of a large-scale project in the United States. Sharing our recognised technical expertise and our unique engineering solutions has allowed us to win the contract over local operators.

Turkey :  VVER plant

Baumert has deployed all its capacity for adaptation and flexibility to reconcile the requirements of its customer with local demands in terms of economic development. To this end, we identified, audited and signed a cooperation MoU with local partners in order to guarantee customised intervention that meets the needs of each party.

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