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Baumert has more than 80 years of experience in the customised protection of high-risk sites

With direct involvement in all third-generation nuclear power plants, our teams can devise solutions in every corner of the globe as well as everywhere in France in order to offer you innovative solutions to resolve the most complex safety problems.


years of experience in the nuclear sector


years of international projects


Photo Eric Ottman directeur général Baumert, manifeste de Baumert

Baumert's credentials

BAUMERT, French company leader in the design, manufacture and installation of technical doors dedicated to high-risk sites for more than 80 years, in France and abroad, places the customer at the heart of its strategy.  Our mission is to master the product life cycle by providing you with a customized solution that meets all your requirements and constraints: technical, quality, safety, deadlines, etc. Since the success of your projects is our priority, our teams guide you through the various phases, from design to installation of your protective equipment.
We also support you through out the life cycle of your equipment with our specialized maintenance and renovation teams.

The trust placed in us by our customers for more than 80 years is the result of a real desire for continuous improvement, supported by all our employees and partners, both in France and abroad.  Because we take into account social equity, economic efficiency and environmental quality in our decisions, we respond responsibly to the expectations of our customers, our teams and our partners, in keeping with our values.

All theactions carried out every day by all our employees are guided by a single objective: the satisfaction of our customers.  

BAUMERT, a responsible and committed partner at the service of your projects ! 

Valeur de Baumert dans ses portes techniques, trappes, cloisons, enrubannage, matelas de plomb : qualité


Valeur de Baumert dans ses portes techniques, trappes, cloisons, enrubannage, matelas de plomb : expertise


Valeur de Baumert dans ses portes techniques, trappes, cloisons, enrubannage, matelas de plomb : fiabilité


Valeur de Baumert de ses portes techniques, trappes, cloisons, enrubannage, matelas de plomb : international


Building expertise for more than 80 years

Mr Baumert, a master blacksmith, founded the company in 1933.  
1970: Entry of Baumert into the nuclear industry as a supplier/partner of EDF for the French programme (58 units).
1973: first projects for export (Belgium and South Korea).
1990: Baumert enters the Chinese market.
2007: Baumert acquired by Groupe GORGÉ.
2008: Baumert is selected by EDF and AREVA as supplier of all technical doors (FA3 and OL3) for the EPRs.
2011: Baumert is chosen by EDF and CGNPC to supply 100% of the doors for the EPRs Taishan 1 and Taishan 2.
2012: on the creation of Baumert China, Baumert is chosen by SNPTC as the supplier of all the technical doors (SM1&2, HY1 and HY&2) for the AP1000 reactors. 2014: on obtaining GOST certification, Baumert is chosen to supply the secure and confinement doors for ITER in France as well all the doors for NOVARKA (Chernobyl).
2017: Baumert is chosen to supply the GAMMA and NEUTRONIC doors of the EPR at Hinkley Point C (HPC1 & HPC2) and develops a new product as supplier of wrapping for Flamanville 3.
2020: Launch of the mass-produced AGIL standard range.
In 45 years of business in the nuclear industry, Baumert has supplied 90% of the doors for the 58 nuclear reactors in France.

Our references include design, certification, qualification, manufacturing, on-site installation and technical assistance :

EPR Olkiluoto 3 (Areva), Flamanville 3 (EDF), Taishan 1&2 (TNPJVC) and Hinkley Point C HPC1 & HPC2 (EDF Energy): approximately 6,000 special doors and pieces of equipment
AP 1000 Sanmen 1&2 (SNPEC), HaiYang 1&2 (SNPEC) et Vogtle 3&4  (SNC): approximately 800 special doors and technical partitions
SECOIA Mailly (Airbus): 6 anti-explosion doors and hatches (pressure up to 50 bar)
ITER Cadarache (Vinci / Ferrovial / Razel): approximately 400 special and secure doors
Chernobyl (Novarka): large-dimension radiation protection doors, hatches and special doors
OSC, BB1 Krsko (NEK): radiation protection partitioning, special and anti-flooding doors
Post-Fukushima DUS and CCL (EDF, Demathieu & Bard, Vinci, Ortec, Eiffage): special doors, antitornado doors
CNPE Gravelines (EDF): replacement of 239 anti-blast doors

For 30 years, Baumert has designed, manufactured and installed products for EDF, CGNPC, AREVA, WESTINGHOUSE, SNPTC, SNC, and EDF Energy

Our trusted long-time partners

Ils nous font confiance clients Baumert EDF site nucléaire
Ils nous font confiance Orano nouveau Areva  : client Baumert protection site nucléaire
Ils nous font confiance Framatome : client Baumert protection site nucléaire
Ils nous font confiance CEA client Baumert protection site nucléaire et sites sensibles
Ils nous font confiance SPIE client Baumert protection site nucléaire et sites sensibles
Ils nous font confiance Bouygues Services nucléaires : client Baumert protection site nucléaire
Ils nous font confiance Léon Grosse client Baumert protection site nucléaire et sites sensibles
Ils nous font confiance Campenon Bernard client Baumert protection site nucléaire et sites sensibles
Ils nous font confiance Razel Bec client Baumert protection site nucléaire et sites sensibles
Ils nous font confiance Eiffage client Baumert protection site nucléaire et sites sensibles

Certified excellence

Qualified by the majority of major international principals, all Baumert products are certified to French, European, Chinese, Russian and Indian standards to guarantee the optimal safety of your sites.
Today, this certified high qualification enables us to test all the requirements - particularly those regarding fire, smoke, sealing and intrusion - on all our models, whatever the dimensions and applicable standards, in France and beyond.
Certification ISO 9001 management de la qualité
Certification CEFRI n°657 et n°715 pour système de management de la radioprotection
Ils nous font confiance clients Baumert EDF site nucléaire
Certification GOST-R pour conformité des produits techniques Baumert aux exigences et normes en Russie
ISO 3834 pour IIW certification Baumert expert porte technique pour sites sensibles nucléaires, défense, oil&gas, EDF
UTO EDF 85/114
Index 15
for IIW
ISO 9001

Groupe Gorgé, recognised expertise in high-end technologies

Baumert société du groupe Gorgé, groupe indépendant dans les industries de haute technologie
Since 2007, Baumert has been a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, an independent group active in the high-end technology industries.
The group is listed on the stock exchange at Euronext Paris and is active today in the sectors of security, protection in extreme environments and 3D printing.
Since its creation in 1990, Groupe Gorgé has continually developed as a vital player in the field of technological and industrial innovations of its time.
Groupe Gorgé

Our organisation in France

A local network

Since proximity is the necessary condition for fast and customised intervention, Baumert deploys a local network across four branches in France. Close at hand, we are able to respond in record time to all your needs for the securing of your high-risk sites.
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Our creativity throughout the world

Local Flexibility and Adaptability

With 40 years of experience of international projects in the nuclear field, Baumert has developed unique know-how in order to avail its customers of its expertise worldwide. Our flexibility in the development of partnerships enables us to quickly implement local strategies perfectly adapted to the project requirements, ranging from subcontracting to the setup of a factory on site.
Baumert has more than 25,000 pieces of equipment designed for our customers based on their EPR / AP1000 / VVER / CPR constraints, both in France and internationally.
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Governance & governance mission

Gouvernance Baumert au service de la longévité de nos produits techniques sur mesure pour sites sensibles

The Director of Baumert:

Our governance is brought to bear on technical excellence, the longevity of our products and the support of our customers. All over the world, whether your concern is installation, assembly or maintenance of the highest risk sites, you can count on the competence of our personnel and the strength of our vision.
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How we operate

In the course of weekly select-committee meetings, the governing body of Baumert constantly monitors customer satisfaction and the adjustment of our strategy.  
It is as a team that we resolve any operational issues that occur on the ground in the course of our assignments.

Our tools

Our tools support our quest for excellence: dashboard, schedule, financial management, project management, quality, cost and timeline tracking and more. We have created resources for rigorous daily monitoring.

Our values

We defend the safety of our teams, we believe in the quality of our technical products and we are invested in the central position occupied by our customers in the organisation. We also depend on our advanced, modern and comprehensive industrial tool, combining the reactivity of our branches with engineering and manufacturing units.

A French industry

Presentation of the factory and the head office

Located in north-east France in the beautiful region of Alsace, our French manufacturing site spanning 6,570 m2 houses an experienced team trained in all the techniques of machining, cutting, painting and assembly.
Proud of its local traditions demanding quality, robustness and reliability, our production organisation is based on process proficiency, continuous improvement and error prevention. This is in order to guarantee the performance of our products and therefore the security of user sites.
Présentation usine et siège Baumert expert portes techniques sur mesure pour sites sensibles dont site nucléaire

Our References

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