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R&D and engineering

R&D and engineering

Our R&D and engineering offices capitalise on all of Baumert's know-how and expertise built up during our long years of experience. Our engineers and technicians enable us to improve our products constantly through the implementation of technical innovations and the design of new products.
This is why our products are acclaimed for their excellence throughout the world.

Baumert's engineering capacity at your service

Baumert's R&D and engineering department launches new projects on the back of preliminary market research and specific customer needs as highlighted by the sales team. A preliminary draft comprising initial sketches, a provisional cost plan, a performance matrix and a schedule is presented at an executive meeting and then validated by the project manager in agreement with the management. The project then comes to life as a result of the review and with the assistance of all the specialised technical departments mobilised within Baumert, and is subsequently validated after clearing the different trial milestones that we put it through.

The engineering office takes the products developed by the R&D department through to mass production, along with documentation associated with the products that drawn up in the format required by the customer. 40 qualified engineers and technicians turn the innovation into a customised product suited to the performance and documentation requirements particular to each customer.

We support you as effectively as possible anywhere in the world

By your side in France…

Thanks to its four local branches in France, Baumert is able to meet the needs of its customers in record time.
Our flexibility enables us to deliver products and perform customized services all over the world to the same high standards.
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… and anywhere in the world

With 40 years of experience of international projects in the nuclear field, Baumert has developed unique know-how in order to avail its customers of its expertise worldwide. Our flexibility when it comes to the development of partnerships allows us to quickly implement local strategies that are perfectly suited to project requirements, from subcontracting to the setup of a local factory.

Baumert has more than 25,000 pieces of equipment designed for our customers based on their EPR / AP1000 / VVER / CPR constraints, in France and beyond.
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