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NOVARKA - Tchernobyl

NOVARKA - Tchernobyl

NOVARKA - Tchernobyl

157 ordinary and special doors with fire-resistant, airtight, anti-tornado, and radiation protection properties

Monumental hatch

Coordination: Chernobyl NPP

Project management: NOVARKA

2014 - 2016

The NOVARKA (JV BOUYGUES/VINCI) project is carried out in the context of the Chernobyl nuclear complex in Ukraine. It concerns the construction of the new containment chamber per a concept unique in the world. The work of this sarcophagus has been studied to withstand a tornado with projectiles, an earthquake and extreme temperatures; for 100 years.

BAUMERT carried out the bespoke design, qualification and manufacturing work for this project in France and then installed the results on site under extreme working conditions. The works delivered range from fire-resistant doors to the company's heaviest door to date with a mass of 100 tonnes.

Our references

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