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AGIL modular doors
Oil & Gas Package

Oil & Gas Package

Our AGIL modular technical doors have been specially designed to protect the most high-risk sites. Thanks to a manufacturing process and Baumert's expertise that guarantees the highest performance in terms of safety, resistance and standards, the AGIL technical door is a protection solution perfectly suited to high-risk sites in the Oil & Gas sector.  
Its resistance, particularly to fire and water, and its anti-explosion and anti-earthquake performances guarantee optimal protection of your high-risk sites, as well as customised adaptation to your needs thanks to our wide range of available configurations.
Porte modulaire AGIL Baumert pour sites sensibles nucléaires, EDF, défense, banque, Oil&gas, Seveso, à composer

The properties and certifications of the oil & gas package

The properties of AGIL doors of the oil & gas package include fire-resistance, smoke resistance, nuclear quality and process, C5 endurance, calculation note and specific plans, PIC/PED paint. All other additional options are possible.
Propriété impact projection des portes techniques modulaires AGIL destinées au secteur Oil & Gas

Fire resistance

EI2 120 
SVT UL1709
Propriété anti-panique des portes techniques modulaires AGIL destinées au secteur Oil & Gas

Smoke resistance

Sa + S200
Propriété tenue mécanique des portes techniques modulaires AGIL destinées au secteur Oil & Gas


Propriété perméabilité à l'air des portes techniques modulaires AGIL destinées au secteur Oil & Gas



1. Dimensions and parameters of the AGIL range:

In stock

Standard dimensions

height: 2100 mm
width: 900 mm
Made to order

Customised dimensions

up to
2400 mm x 2500 mm

2. Available performances of the AGIL range:

16 available performances:

3. Available accessories of the AGIL range :

4. Choice of services :


Project quality assurance

Project quality assurance comprises project quality document control throughout the life cycle of the project. List of documents including quality plan, radiation protection management plan, manufacturing and assembly procedures, operation and maintenance guide, and work completion report... All the documents that guarantee perfect traceability of our equipment and the total quality of our work are drawn up and collated for you throughout the project.

Available processes:

If you have specific requests, please contact us:
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Strong points of the AGIL modular door

Portes techniques conçues, fabriquées en France, posées et maintenues dans sites nucléaires et sensibles

Scalable: you can keep it for longer

The technical door can be reconverted and modulated at any time during its life cycle per a scalable performance matrix.
Fiabilité Baumert dans les requis sécuritaires, les normes et l'installation en lieux complexes

An ultra-reliable process

The door design is based on 35 years of experience in risk analysis. We guarantee the reliability of the AGIL technical door, and of the tests performed.
Portes techniques Baumert économiques : coût économique pour secteur nucléaire, défense, banque, Oil & gas, aéronautique


The industrial manufacture of our AGIL modular door enables us to optimise its manufacturing cost and to avoid the high cost of customised  preliminary studies.

All the available AGIL modular door packages

Porte technique modulaire AGIL Baumert à composer soi-même : pack à composer vous-même

Customised package

By leaving the choice of dimensions, parameters, performances, accessories and services that you want for your technical door up to you, the AGIL modular door is customised to meet all your needs, while guaranteeing the highest resistance and safety performances. Put together your own package designed around your project requirements.

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Are you looking at purchasing a technical door to protect one of your sites in the oil & gas field? Go right ahead and contact us. We will offer you the ideal solution to suit your needs and your safety performance requirements.oins et à vos exigences de performance de sécurité.
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