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Expert in customised technical doors dedicated to the protection of high-risk sites

With 50 years of experience in the nuclear field and in industry, Baumert designs technical doors and partitions that meet the highest safety standards and the most stringent norms for high-risk sites: capacity to withstand phenomena such as seismic activity, radiation and flooding. Each standard or customised solution designed by Baumert is accompanied by top quality expertise and customer service.
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Our range of technical doors for high-risk sites

AGIL Modular doors

Porte modulaire AGIL : propriété à la carte résistant aux séismes anti-radiation dans les secteurs du nucléaire, de la défense, oil&gas
Thanks to its know-how as a French manufacturer of equipment for the nuclear industry, Baumert has designed a range of earthquake-proof standard doors capable of meeting a wide variety of requirements for optional extras to choose from, plotted on a performance matrix.

These standardised doors allow you to design your project from a range of doors and extremely visible and comprehensible performances.
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Customised technical doors

Portes techniques sur mesure pour sites  nucléaires et autres sites sensibles
From 50 kg to more than 100 tonnes, Baumert can design, qualify, manufacture, install and maintain doors capable of meeting all the necessary safety requirements.  

Manufactured in France by experienced Baumert professionals, these technical doors are then installed by Baumert on sites ranging from the most simple to the most complex.
Discover customised technical doors AGIL

Protection equipment for high-risk sites

Nuclear,  defence, oil & gas, banking, industry

Services & benefits offered by Baumert

Leveraging our vast industrial experience of design, manufacturing and installation, we offer a specific service including a package of benefits, offered separately from the purchase of our products.

This range of services bring all of Baumert's outstanding services to bear on your existing installations or those under construction.

All the performances required to guarantee the safety of your buildings

Technical doors, hatches, partitions, wrapping, lead mattresses

Résistance sismique
Seismic resistance
Résistance au feu
Fire resistance
Etanchéité à l'eau
Conductivité thermique
Thermal conductivity
Radiation protection
Etanchéité à la lumière
Sealing against light
Résistance pare-balles
Impact resistance
Résistance aux vents
Wind resistance
Isolation acoustique
Sound insulation
Resistance to explosions
Impact projection
Impact projection
Intrusion resistance
Tenue mécanique
Mechanical strength
Perméable à l'air
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Choosing Baumert means:

Qualité Baumert : solution portes techniques, trappes, cloisons enrubannage, matelas de plomb sur mesure, produits certifiés CE


Baumert's teams can create any solution that meets your longevity needs while meeting all requirements: fire, sealing, seismic activity, radiation protection, anti-intrusion, etc. All our products are CE certified.
Expertise Baumert : 50 ans d'expérience dans le nucléaire et 50000 portes techniques industrielles vendues


With 50 years of experience in the country ranked second in the world in terms of nuclear power, and with more than 50,000 technical and industrial doors sold to date, Baumert is proud to be the supplier of nearly 90% of all doors for French nuclear power plants.
Fiabilité Baumert dans les requis sécuritaires, les normes et l'installation en lieux complexes


You will like our capacity to meet all safety requirements and all standards to be applied, handle installation in complex environments and set up local partnerships in all countries.
Intervention technique Baumert à l'international


Our products can be found on 5 continents. We are experts in the regulations of 4 global reactor technologies (EPR / AP1000 / VVER / CPR) and we can set up turnkey projects from design to installation, whatever your installation territory.

We equip all sites requiring specific protection:



Building Industry

Equipements techniques Baumert pour la protections du secteur Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Equipements techniques pour la protection des tunnels




Our customers include:

Ils nous font confiance clients Baumert EDF site nucléaire
Ils nous font confiance Orano nouveau Areva  : client Baumert protection site nucléaire
Ils nous font confiance Framatome : client Baumert protection site nucléaire
Ils nous font confiance CEA client Baumert protection site nucléaire et sites sensibles
Ils nous font confiance SPIE client Baumert protection site nucléaire et sites sensibles
Ils nous font confiance Bouygues Services nucléaires : client Baumert protection site nucléaire
Ils nous font confiance Léon Grosse client Baumert protection site nucléaire et sites sensibles
Ils nous font confiance Campenon Bernard client Baumert protection site nucléaire et sites sensibles
Ils nous font confiance Razel Bec client Baumert protection site nucléaire et sites sensibles
Ils nous font confiance Eiffage client Baumert protection site nucléaire et sites sensibles

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