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Baumert partitioning consolidates all the know-how and expertise gathered over 40 years across all required performances. Our customised technical partitions enable sectorisation adapted to your requirements and performance needs, whether it involves resistance to fire, earthquakes, gamma rays or flooding.

Technical specifics


Our technical partitions can provide fire, radiation or anti-explosion protection


Customised technical partitions covering areas from 1 m2 to 600 m2

Examples of partitioning references

EPR FA3 - France - 2017

Partitioning of space between enclosuresWorking at a height of over 50 m
Référence Baumert AW20 Vogtle Etats-Unis, conception et fabrication systèmes décloisonnements coupe-feu, protection câbles électriques

AP1000 Vogel - Etats-Unis - 2020 Partitions

Complete partitioning of the power plant (more than 100 partitions and other protections)

NEK - Krsko Slovénie - 2017
Projet BB1

Radio partitioning of a building post-Fukushima

Why choose Baumert partitions?

Expertises et performances du cloisonnement Baumert

Performance expertise

References in all types of technical partitioning
Flexibilité Baumert dans son activité de cloisonnement


All types of requirements catered for
Installation des cloisons Baumert en milieu contraint

Installation of Baumert partitions in a constrained environment

Installation with the help of climbers in the space between enclosures of the Flamanville EPR

Our expertise: customized protection of high-risk sites

Project mode organisation

Our project charter is a method of project management that encompasses the entire project life cycle of our customers. This method is specifically developed for the business activities of high-risk sites (including nuclear, defence, oil & gas and industry facilities). The goal is cost control, quality control and adherence to timelines in the very constrained environments that involve the protection of high-risk sites.
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Engineering office

After market research and examination of the customer's specific needs as established by the sales team, the R&D department sets up a new project and publishes a preliminary draft.
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Qualification capacity

Our qualifications catalogue enables us to design and qualify our products without having to re-test.
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Our methodology

Created to bring you the perfect solution
Baumert milestones or "JBx" track the status of each Baumert project.
The establishment of these milestones, from JB1 "Project launch" to JB8 "REX integration" and the performance measurement associated with each of them, lie at the core of the project development charter.
This charter is not only the repository of Baumert's know-how and experience in project management, but also provides a common language throughout the company, facilitating both communication and internal and external correspondence with our customers.
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Quality assurance

A commitment on the part of Baumert, with 50 years of experience in the nuclear sector

Available processes:

We support you as effectively as possible anywhere in the world

By your side in France…

Thanks to its four local branches in France, Baumert is able to meet the needs of its customers in record time.
Our flexibility enables us to deliver products and perform customized services all over the world to the same high standards.
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… and anywhere in the world

With 40 years of experience of international projects in the nuclear field, Baumert has developed unique know-how in order to avail its customers of its expertise worldwide. Our flexibility when it comes to the development of partnerships allows us to quickly implement local strategies that are perfectly suited to project requirements, from subcontracting to the setup of a local factory.

Baumert has more than 25,000 pieces of equipment designed for our customers based on their EPR / AP1000 / VVER / CPR constraints, in France and beyond.
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Do you have a project on your hands? Then let's talk about it!

Do you have a partitioning plan for one or more of your high-risk sites? Go right ahead and contact us. We will offer you the ideal solution to suit your safety performance requirements.
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