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Installing products as complex as doors of nuclear power plants involves process proficiency that Baumert has always possessed. The dual installation/manufacturing service guarantees leads to perfect performance of products designed by us. Our qualified installers attached to our local French branches are certified and trained to install doors, partitions and hatches in all types of high-risk installation, even under the most complex conditions.

Description of the installation service and key strengths

Baumert possesses true manufacturing/installation know-how and can deploy different installation setups depending on the environment, location and conditions.
We can install your protection products for high-risk sites in all types of hostile environment, whether at a height of 50 metres or 100 metres down.

Our different installation setups:

Installation with all-BAUMERT teams

On Flamanville 3, Baumert deployed a team of over 100 people to carry out the installation of doors, partitions and wrappings.
Starting with a core of experienced installers and supervisors, Baumert trained a complete team on its different skills via dedicated specific  training courses.

Installation managed by a subcontractor

On Olkiluoto 3, Baumert deployed a small contingent to manage a mechanical assembly subcontractor.
Baumert has trained up subcontractors to install its products. An on-site Baumert management team acted as an efficient interface between engineering and manufacturing units on one side and the customer on the other.

Installation with local personnel supervised by BAUMERT  management

On the new Chernobyl arch, Baumert deployed an experienced team to supervise a team of local installers.
Baumert sent its own team comprising a site manager, construction site manager, team leaders and experienced installers.
These supervisors managed a local team comprising team leaders, installers and welders.

Technical assistance for installation

On the Chinese AP1000 construction sites at Sanmen and Haiyang, Baumert supervised all the assembly work by seconding full-time assembly supervision personnel to verify compliance of the installations and act as interface between engineering and manufacturing.
These supervision teams comprised Chinese engineers from our local subsidiary and also French specialists seconded for various lengths of time.

We support you as effectively as possible anywhere in the world

By your side in France…

Thanks to its four local branches in France, Baumert is able to meet the needs of its customers in record time.
Our flexibility enables us to deliver products and perform customized services all over the world to the same high standards.
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… and anywhere in the world

With 40 years of experience of international projects in the nuclear field, Baumert has developed unique know-how in order to avail its customers of its expertise worldwide. Our flexibility when it comes to the development of partnerships allows us to quickly implement local strategies that are perfectly suited to project requirements, from subcontracting to the setup of a local factory.

Baumert has more than 25,000 pieces of equipment designed for our customers based on their EPR / AP1000 / VVER / CPR constraints, in France and beyond.
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Our references

SECOIA - Mailly le Camp


EPR - Flamanville


NOVARKA - Tchernobyl


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