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Services & benefits

Services & benefits

Leveraging our vast industrial experience of design, manufacturing and installation, we offer a specific service including a package of benefits, offered separately from the purchase of our products.

These à la carte services bring all of Baumert's outstanding services to bear on your existing installations or those under construction: technical diagnostics, installation in restricted environments, maintenance and renovation

Technical diagnostics

Audit technique et diagnostic technique des portes techniques et cloisonnements secteur nucléaire et autres sites sensibles
Our teams will offer you an audit of the performances of your technical installations for reports and obligatory qualifications as well as an overall diagnosis on all fire-resistant equipment. Our 11 active patents around the world also allow us to respond to any type of demand.
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Installation in restricted environments

Pose des portes techniques, trappes techniques, cloisons dans les centrales nucléaires et autres sites sensibles
We can install your protection products for high-risk sites in all types of hostile environment, whether at a height of 50 meters or 100 meters down.
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Maintenance Baumert des portes techniques et des trappes techniques dans le secteur du nucléaire
Baumert réalise des opérations de maintenance et de mise à niveau de toutes les installations techniques en milieu nucléaire ou en environnement sensible. Nous pouvons aussi assurer la formation de vos équipes à l’utilisation et la maintenance de vos produits.
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Fabrication sur mesure portes techniques, expert en soudage et en système de peintures pour le nucléaire
Whatever the nature of your technical installations, we use all our renovation know-how in order to make them operational according to your requirements.
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