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Our know-how

Our know-how

More than 80 years of experience will always make a difference! The company Baumert is also the capitalisation of multiple experiences and of the resolution of complex problems posed by our faithful customers.
So you can count on us. We will avail you of all our know-how, however complicated your request.

Technical diagnostics

Audit technique et diagnostic technique des portes techniques et cloisonnements secteur nucléaire et autres sites sensibles
Our long and rich experience in the design and manufacture of technical doors has enabled us to develop unique expertise in the technical diagnosis of the state of your doors. With precise verification of the compliance with different reports and required performances, assistance with recommendation, design and drafting of specifications in high-risk building projects, Baumert's engineers and technicians will guarantee the perfect technical diagnosis that meets the needs of your installation.
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R&D and Engineering

R&D et ingénierie Baumert pour portes techniques, trappes techniques, cloisons et autres produits pour secteurs sensibles
The R&D and engineering teams draw on Baumert's know-how and unique expertise to design, innovate and improve the technical equipment that we offer you. They guarantee constant and continuous renewal of the excellence of customised solutions. Our innovation capacity results in a full programme of patent developments. Today, our 11 active patents throughout the world (including France, the USA, Russia, the United Kingdom, Finland, Slovenia, China and Japan) enable us to address any innovation request.
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Performances et qualifications portes techniques, étanchéité, résistance feu, secteur nucléaire et autres secteurs sensibles
The qualification of our products is based on the certification imposed by the most demanding safety standards.
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Fabrication sur mesure portes techniques, expert en soudage et en système de peintures pour le nucléaire
Our manufacturing methods and resources guarantee the quality, reliability and maximum safety of our products. To be able to respond to even the most complex requests, we can modify our workshops for the projects of our customers while keeping the same high standards in terms of productivity, customisation and traceability.
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Pose des portes techniques, trappes techniques, cloisons dans les centrales nucléaires et autres sites sensibles
The teams attached to our four branches spread across France, and also those deployed all over the world, guarantee the installation of your products, whatever the working conditions.
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Maintenance Baumert des portes techniques et des trappes techniques dans le secteur du nucléaire
The Baumert company provides advanced maintenance solutions to counter the obsolescence of all types of technical doors and partitions in all high-risk sectors, particularly nuclear facilities. Our work guarantees the maintenance or restoration of performances and imposed certifications.
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Porte Volcan avant et après renovation - Framatome
Baumert's expertise in renovation covers the repair, compliance and rehabilitation of your doors, hatches and partitions. Thanks to our wide-ranging expertise in technical and normative diagnostics, we can also offer you technical development of your installations with a view to further qualifications within their use context.
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