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Baumert manufacturing guarantees quality and maximum reliability of our products.
Experts when it comes to welding and painting systems for nuclear sites, our workshops combine speed, safety, traceability and high production capacity thanks to full usage of our modern resources, unique know-how and the functionalities offered by our ERP. Tailored to customer needs, Baumert's flexibility allows our workshops to be redesigned to facilitate throughput and optimise customised production.

Managing the manufacturing of more than 1,000 doors per year

Baumert relies on all its resources and all its expertise to bring its ambition for excellence and safety to bear on the manufacturing of technical solutions.
To this end, Baumert uses innovative and unique production methods.
Our workshops are now capable of operating in kitting mode for small and medium-sized production runs. In a dedicated logistics space, the components needed for production are prepared in advance in order to increase output and  achieve optimal productivity. This is done whilst maintaining a maximum safety level thanks to outsourcing to an extensive network of responsive regional partners.
Our modern, reliable resources also constitute the foundation of our manufacturing expertise.
The use of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system allows us to  forecast engineering and factory workloads as well as requirements for  personnel, components and resources of every kind.

Finally, Baumert monitors the perfect traceability of its products. We systematically require certificates 2.1 to 3.2 (depending on customer requirements) and guarantee that each operation is validated by an operator in the workshop. A manufacturing file, which brings together all the documents relating to product traceability, is put together at the end of each production run.
Some 1,000 customised doors ranging from 50 kg to 45 tonnes and of variable thickness are produced every year in our machining shops. They all meet the most stringent safety performance criteria.

Our factory

Customised manufacturing

In addition, our assembly workshops can be moved nearer the installation location to facilitate production that will perfectly meet your needs.

Shot-blasting cabin

Our machine shops use modern mechanical production devices such as bridge cranes with a capacity of 15 tonnes, a large water-jet cutting bench, shot-blasting and painting cabins, a folding machine and a U line dedicated to the production of lead blankets.

Lead blanket assembly

Our workshops are now capable of operating in a dedicated logistics space.

Outgoing stock

Our partner network stores finished products waiting for delivery to the customer.

Our references

SECOIA - Mailly le Camp


EPR - Flamanville


NOVARKA - Tchernobyl


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