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EPR - Flamanville

EPR - Flamanville

EPR - Flamanville


. 44 neutronic technical doors

. 99 flame-arresting, sealed, large dimension technical doors

. 1,663 technical doors:

. fire-resistant technical doors - Phoenix configuration

- flame-arresting technical doors, acoustic and thermal insulation - Vega configuration

- watertight technical doors - Cassiopeia configuration

- watertight and fire-resistant technical doors - Andromeda configuration

- wire meshed, special and sliding technical doors


. xxxx ml of functional protection

. xxxx ml of SCC protection

. xxxx ml of HVAC duct protection


. xxx m² of fire-resistant and flame-arresting partitioning

. xx thermal screens

. xxx cable duct cat flaps

Biohazard and neutronic protection

Coordination: EDF

Project management: EDF

Flamanville, France

2015 - 2019

A major industrial project for the French nuclear industry and its international reach, the Flamanville reactor 3 integrates the latest innovations in terms of safety and protection against risks.

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