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Lead blankets

Standard and customised lead blankets

Simple, flexible, easily transportable and manufactured in France on request, our lead blankets weigh less than 25kg and allow for a 35% mitigation of gamma rays for optimal radiation protection.
Topped off with various fixing, fastening, transport and handling accessories, our comprehensive catalogue offers you the best value for money for the protection of those working inside nuclear power plants, and also during x-ray inspections within the framework of non-destructive evaluation in test facilities, thermal power plants and research centres.
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What are the key strengths of Baumert lead blankets?

Matelas de plomb Baumert composés de plomb neuf et garanti à 99%

New lead that's guaranteed 99% pure

Uniform and evenly distributed lead blankets comprising 99% new and pure lead wool and 4% antimony
Matelas de plomb Baumert fabriqués en France et livrés sur demande en 3 semaines

Manufactured in France in 3 weeks

Our lead blankets are manufactured in France and delivered in 3 weeks
Matelas de plomb Baumert certifiés UTO EDF

UTO qualified

Certified for installation on EDF sites

Baumert's lead blankets and their accessories

Blankets and accessories in the catalogue

Flexible, magnetised and with a special shape for pipework pitting, Baumert's lead protections can be assembled in the form of a screen or fixed directly on the equipment, floors, pipework, reservoirs or tarpaulins in order to protect specific installations like pipework, access holes, or valve shielding. You can find our comprehensive catalogue below.
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100% customised blankets

Do you know the exact protection level you need? The thickness of our lead blankets is conceived on request according to the desired dose rate.
Do you want particular dimensions? Baumert produces customised lead blanket specially for you; therefore, you can ask us for any required shape.
Whatever you need, we are here to create the customised lead blanket that meets your requirements.
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