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Customised technical doors
Accordion sliding door - GPR

Accordion sliding door - GPR

Manual or electric scalable door

Floor sliding door

Small recess necessary

Porte accordéon - GPR

Range : 1 leaf, 2 leaves

Dimensions : from 5 m x 6 m to 72 m x 10 m

Industry and references

Tubular structure in steel or aluminum assembled by welding reinforced by vertical
and horizontal frames.
Panels are composed with polyester gel coat, 50 mm (1”) thickness, and aluminum sheetsstructurally glued to give tightness and corrosion protection as well as a phonic protection.

Technical information


Top guiding :

Monorail along the entire length consists of 2 UPAF-shape held together
by brackets every 600 mm.
The entire top guiding system is taken up on the existing by adjustable brackets.

Bottom guiding :

Implemented on the entire length of the free opening with a single rail and in both curves and repressed parties with double rails.
A recess of 250 mm (9”) width and 150 mm (5”) of depth in the free opening and two re-cesses of 1500 (4’11”) x 1500 with 150 mm (5”) of depth as well as 2 recesses of 500 mm (1’7”)width and 150 mm (5”) of depth in both repressed parts. All rail sets are galvanized. Interface drawings for pre-sealed anchor plates are provided.


Articulation and thightness - movable element

Articulations are provided by hinges with pin of 30 mm diameter on PTFE ring.

The whole set is self-lubricated.

The vertical tightness is insured by EPDM seal anti-finger pinch on the full height. Double brushes at the top and single brush at the bottom are insuring the tightness over the entire length.

Movable roller bearings (full lifetime lubricated).

Bottom wheels are made of steel.

Motorization - control - safety

The manual operation is performed by 2-5 people with mechanical handle sized according to the dimension of the door.
Locking of the 2 leaves is made by rod bolt with the latch sealed in the slab.


Anti-corrosion treatment is made by sandblasting, then 50μm layer of epoxy coating and two 35μm layers of polyurethane finish.


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