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Customised technical doors
Fire rated door - Durabloc

Fire rated door - Durabloc

Simplify the fire division
Multi-configuration mounting (applies, tunnel, rebate)

Range : vertical hatch, horizontal hatch, 1 leaf, 2 leaves

Fire resistance: EI2 90

Airtight : Class A2

Seismic load : up to 5g

Fatigue test : 400 000 cycles

Industry and references

This type of door is intended to nuclear, petrochemical and construction industries.

It is installed in French Nuclear power plant.

Technical information

• Durabloc door with painted finishing, one or two leaves, assembled by welding

• The frame is made with profiles in steel

• Opening by adjustable hinges

• Intumescent seal

• EDPM sealing


• Embedding of the frame in the 2nd phase of concreting by leaving a recess of 150 x 150 mm at the rim.

• Possibility to weld or screw the frame on pre-sealed anchor plates.


• Double stand

• Embedded lock

• Door closer

• Anti-panic bar


• Finishing: 3 layers of decontaminable painting

• Certified oculus 300 x 400 mm

• Locker with anti-panic function / electromechanical locker for access control

• Cylinder DENY

• Ventilation grid 500 * 500 mm

• Position switch (open / closed)

• Automatic door opener

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