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Customised technical doors
Fire rated door- Phoenix

Fire rated door- Phoenix

Multi-configuration mounting (applies, tunnel, rebate)

Simplify the fire division

Range : hatch, 1 leaf (+ imposte), 2 leaves (+ transom)

Fire resistance : EI1 60 - Sa / Sm EI1 120 - Sa / Sm EPRESSI (EDF)

Seismic load : up to 9g

Fatigue test : 1 000 000 cycles

Industry and references

This type of door is intented to Nuclear, petrochemical and construction industries.
Such doors are installed in Flamanville 3, Olkiluoto 3 and Taishan EPR NPPs as well as in researchcenter of CEA (Cadarache) and French NPPs.

Technical information

• Steel sheet on both sides with coating finish, 1 leaf or 2 leaves (+ transom), assembled by screwing and gluing

• Frame, adjustable, is made up with single L corner on which the fire intumescing seals are put

• Subframe can be shared with fire rated doors and ordinary doors which allows the interchangeability of doors

• Opening by adjustable hinges (3 by leaf)

• Fire rated both sides


• Embedding of the subframe in 1st phase of concreting or in 2nd phase by leaving a recessof 150 x 150 mm at the rim

• By fastening to a wall-mounted, tunnel or rebate laying


• Lock with panic function

• Double lever handle or lever handle + anti panic bar

• Door closer

• Door selector for 2 leaves door


• Finishing: galvanization Z600 / 3 layers of decontaminable painting

• Certified oculus 600 x 400

• Transom

• Anti-flooding partitioning

• Water discharge damper

• Airtightness A*4 according to EN1026 - EN 12207 with reported threshold

• Open/closed door contactor

• Power door operator

• Resistant to 60mbar

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