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Customised technical doors
Neutron and gamma rays protection door -Neutronic

Neutron and gamma rays protection door -Neutronic

High technology and accuracy

Radiation shielding

Maintenance oriented design

Range : 1 leaf, 2 leaves, sliding, butterfly

Fire resistance : EI1 60

Smoketight : Sa / Sm

Airtight: 600 Pa

Radiation shield : neutron, gamma

Industry and references

This type of door is intented to nuclear and medical industries.
These doors are installed in Flamanville 3, Olkiluoto 3 and Taishan EPR NPPs as well as in AP1000nuclear power plant in Sanmen and Hayiang (China).

Technical information

• Easy PEHD replacement technology for maintenance

• The frame is composed of solid steel uprights fitted by special bolts to concrete and special stair profile to ensure correct neutronic radiation protection

• Opening and closing fonction by motorized hinges (patented device)

• Automatic threshold / Automatic plinth complete the biological/neutronical shield.

• Special airtight gasket in EPDM with high hardness

• Seism taken into account

• Neutrophageous PEHD material is encased with steel material. Total thickness can vary

• Large thickness steel sheets on both sides, S235 or S355 machined, 1 leaf or 2 leaves, assembled by welding and bolting


Installation options :
• Embedding of the frame in the 1st or 2nd phase of concreting by leaving a recess at the rim

• Necessary to weld or screw the frame on pre-sealed anchor plates

• Special tools to be used for installation such as counterbalanced hoist or door frame manipulator or special troley


• Motorized hinges (patented)
• Locking device and safety automation equipment• Control board
• Fire protection
• Control panel both sides (in and outside)
• Installation into reccess or onto the wall


• Fire-rated protection

• Control panel on both sides (inside and outside)

• Recessed or wall installation

Our references

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