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Customised technical doors
Radioprotection door - Gamma

Radioprotection door - Gamma

Gamma radiation protection

Different materials (concrete, steel, lead)

Porte anti-rayonnement - Gamma

Range : 1 leaf, 2 leaves, sliding

Air tight : 5000 Pa

Bullet proof : level 4 (UL 752)

Seismic load : up to 9 g

Industry and references

This type of door is intended to nuclear industry.

Biological doors prevent from the propagation of gamma radiations in relevant areas in nu-clear power plants thanks to technology, adapted materials and a high thickness.
Such doors are already installed in Flamanville 3 (France), Olkiluoto 3 (Finland), Taishan 1 & 2 (China) and all French nuclear power plants.

Technical information

• Two faces filled-in painted door, 1 leaf, two leaves or sliding, assembled by bolting

• Opening by sliding hinges (2 per leaf)


• By embedding of the frame in the 1st or 2nd phase of concreting, leaving a recessof 13.78 x 13.78 in (350 x 350 mm) at the rim

• By fastening

• On pre-sealed anchor plates



• Fire-rated both sides : EI160, EI2120, UL 180 and hose stream test

• Access control with electromechanical lock

• Motorization

• Door closer

• Handle

• Position switch (open/closed)

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