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Customised technical doors
Steel sheet door 2 faces - Vega

Steel sheet door 2 faces - Vega

Vega fire resistance

Vega acoustic and thermic insulation

Range : 1 leaf, 2 leaves

Seismic lad : up to 5g

Fatigue test : 600 000 Cycles

Industry and references

This type of door is intended to nuclear, petrochemical and construction industry. These doors have been designed for nuclear power plants as well as for industrialand public buildings.

Technical information

• Two sides painted steel door, one or 2 leaves assembled by riveting

• The frame is made with steel profiles

• Opening by adjustable hinges (2 o 3 leaves)

• Airtight gasket in EPDM

• Fire resistance ( both sides)


• Embedding of the frame in 1st phase of concreting or in 2nd phase by leaving a recess of 150 x150 mm at the rim.
• Embedding by faced mounted or by dowelling.


• Handle both sides

• Mortise lock (with anti-panic function for VEGA Fire resistance)

• Lever casement bolt to the door with 2 panels


• Finishing: galvanization Z600/ 3 layers of decontaminable painting
• Door closer
• Certified oculus 300 x 400mm
• Locker with anti-panic function/ electromechanical locker for access control

• Protection contre l’effraction (CR4 selon EN 1627-1630)

• Lock cylinder DENY

• Ventilation grid
• Open/closed door contact
• Air tightness A*4 (according to EN 1026 - EN 12207)

• Blast resistance 350 mbar

Our references

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