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Customised technical doors
Terrorist attack and natural disasters door - Heracles

Terrorist attack and natural disasters door - Heracles

Against terrorist attacks and natural disasters

According to post-Fukushima standards

Porte protection terrorisme et catastrophes naturelles - Heracles

Range : 1 leaf, 2 leaves, sliding

Fire resistance : EI1 240 Sa / Sm  hydrocarbon curve

Airtight : 5000 Pa

Watertight : 20 mCE

Seismic load : up to 9 g

Blast protection : 2 bar

Projectile impact : tornado debris/tsunami/air plane crash

Contact us for combinations of performance.

Industry and references

This type of door is intended to the nuclear industry, essentially to prevent against terrorist at-tack or natural disasters (tsunamis, tornados,...).

These doors have been designed for Taishan EPR NPPs,  AP1000 in Sanmen and Haiyang but also for ITER in Cadarache.

These doors are approved for post Fukushima standard (CCL, DUS).

Technical information

• These doors have been designed with a steel and concrete structure able to providean heavy impact protection

• Steel sheet on both sides, EZ 250 with coating finish, 1 leaf or 2 leaves, sliding or swinging,assembled by welding and bolting

• The frame is composed of an angle bracket in painted steel

• Fitted with a set of welded stud (carp tail style) for sealing into concrete

• Opening by adjustable hinges or raceway (according to the kind of opening door style chosen : sliding or swinging)

• Watertight gasket in fire resistant material

• Pressure certification applies for air and/or water for both sides of the door


• Embedding of the frame in the 2nd phase of concreting by leaving a recess of 500 x 500 mmat the rim (for smallest dimension).

• Possibility to weld or screw the frame on civil work by using pre-sealed anchor plates.


• Locking device (multi-point locking system per leaf, according to dimensions)with centralized handling

• Blast protection (up to 2 bar)


• Finishing : galvanization Z600 + 3 layers of decontaminable painting or stainless steel• Access control system

• Motorized central locking system

• Motorized opening system

• Position switch (open / closed)

Our references

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